Various oxidates

Oxidates are outstandingly suitable for use in rust and corrosion protection, as drawing greases, emulsifiers and concrete release agents.

Oxidates are mixtures of oxidized hydrocarbon compounds of different compositions. Besides hydrocarbons they contain fatty acids, lactones and ketones. Raw materials for oxidates are waxes as derivatives from the refining process of crude oils.
Due to their chemical reactivity oxidates can be used for many fields of application. They can be emulsified, saponified and esterified.

Based on raw materials such as oils, petrolatums, micro- and hard waxes and the individual parameters of the oxidation process Alpha-Chemie is able to produce a large variety of oxidates. The products are characterized by the following parameters: solidification point, neutralization number, saponification number.

Typical downstream applications are additives for

  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Drawing grease or drilling fluids
  • Emulgatoren
  • Emulsifiers
  • Concrete mould release agents
  • Intermediates for soaps, esters and sulfonates

Oxidized hydrocarbons with low freezing point are also important raw materials for the production leather fattening liquors. They are also used as additives basis for the production of grinding oils, grinding fats, graphite pastes and special sealing kits.

AOX 002018-24Corrosion inhibitors,
Emulsifier additive
AOX 005045-55Corrosion inhibitors,
Emulsifier additive
APX 612057-6518-24Corrosion inhibitors
APX 615055-6545-55Corrosion inhibitors