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Range of products

Alpha Chemie GmbH offers oxidates, which are suitable starting components for the production of solvent- and water-based corrosion protection agents. Oxidized paraffins and petrolates are used as basic components in the corrosion protection of metals.

In addition to oxidants, chemically modified paraffins such as esters and soaps are also used in corrosion protection, which we also offer as well as compounding in-house. The main areas of application for these product groups are corrosion protection for metal processing and the lubricants sector.

These products are internationally marketed under the trade name Alphanox and enjoy a high degree of trust, especially when it comes to solving corrosion protection tasks.

We use the following technologies:

  • Oxidation column
  • Esterification vessel
  • Dripping
  • Contract manufacturing

In the area of oxidation and esterification we have small pilot plants for testing purpose